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NFL Wives Spread Christmas Spirit of Giving in 11 Cities 

Pro Player Insiders at International Medical Corps Gala 

Colts Cheerleaders Shaved Their Heads in Support of Chuck Pagano 

Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano’s battle with leukemia has caused him to lose his hair do to his chemo treatment sessions. Not long after the Colts players shaved their heads to show their support for their head coach in solidarity.

The gesture has now moved one step further as two Colts cheerleaders have also elected to lose their hair in support of Coach Pagano. The team, the community and the NFL has come together to show their support in various ways. But for a cheerleader, two of them, whose job is based on stunning glamour and breathtaking beauty to shave their heads is absolutely stunning.

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Reggie Bush, Dolphins host Fins & Kids Publix Shopping Spree

Reggie Bush, Dan Carpenter, Karlos Dansby, over 20 current players, alumni, members of the Miami Dolphins Women’s Organization (MDWO) and cheerleaders hosted the Fins and Kids Publix Shopping Spree at a Publix location in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

“The community supports us, just like we support the community,” Dansby said. “Being able to hang out with the students and help families out during this time of the year is awesome. We have been so fortunate and so blessed, so giving back is vital as an organization.”

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Colts Unveil “Hometown Huddle” For Youth

On Tuesday October 23rd, the Indianapolis Colts and its players along with Indiana Wesleyan University were on hand to unveil this year’s “Hometown Huddle,” a fitness room at the Kaleidoscope Youth Center.  The Colts players, The United Way and the NFL’s “Play 60” program came together to donate their time to give Kaleidoscope Youth Center a place for young kids to exercise and stay active as well as learn life skills.

Colts players Sergio Brown, Matt Overton and Dwayne Allen participated in the activities at the facilities and donated their time.  Seeing the players interact with the kids is a telltale sign that the fitness room will get great use.

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Vernon Turner is Building a Legacy 

Vernon Turner is a haunted man.

But he has a rare gift – the ability to use his demons as motivation, as fuel.  This motivation helped drive him from an undersized kid born under the harshest of circumstances, to a successful career in the NFL, to a post-NFL life focused on paying it forward – providing a beacon of hope for people who have had a difficult start in their lives.

Turner’s gift and his message are extremely powerful because they are fueled by his demons, and he has more demons that most.

The NFL loves drama, and has a tendency to use words like “redemption” and “legacy” very loosely.  Catching the game-winning touchdown after dropping a pass in the first quarter isn’t redemption, and winning a Super Bowl doesn’t create a legacy.  Turner’s life offers a lesson in the real meaning of those words.

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Five Things the Steelers’ 80th Year Anniversary Jerseys Resemble 

The Pittsburgh Steelers are celebrating 80 years as a franchise this season and will debut their throwback jerseys representing the team’s 1934 season Sunday against the Washington Redskins. The Steelers chose the ’34 jersey because it was a unique part of their team history, and it’s a uniform that has not been worn since that season.

The Redskins and Pittsburgh went head to head in 1934, however the Redskins were located in Boston and Pittsburgh was called the Pirates.

Now, I’m no fashion guru, but it doesn’t take a top designer to notice how horrid the Steelers’ throwback jerseys look. Steelers’ players will attempt to rock the throwbacks and make them look cool. But it will definitely be an eye sore when they face Washington on Sunday.

There are plenty of things Pittsburgh’s jerseys resemble, so we decided to have a little fun and narrow it down to 5 things:

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Colts Host Annual Father/Son Mini Camp

The Indianapolis Colts, in combination with NFL Play 60, recently finished hosting their annual Father / Son minicamp.

NFL Play 60 is an NFL-sponsored program which has been instrumental in encouraging youth activity in partnership with current NFL stars like Reggie Bush. The Colts annual mini camp has traditionally had great success in the past and has been adapted to include mother/son and mother/daughter family settings as well.  During the event, the kids get the real-life experience of what it means to be a football player on the field, while also getting the opportunity to meet former and current Colt’s players.

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Q & A with K-Major: NFL Colors Behind the Music 
“I’m definitely a sports fan”, said Brown. ” The NFL is encouraging to the youth and I want to encourage them to keep working for what they believe in – sports, music or anything.  If you’re determined and dedicated, don’t let anyone tell you no.”
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Q & A with K-Major: NFL Colors Behind the Music 

“I’m definitely a sports fan”, said Brown. ” The NFL is encouraging to the youth and I want to encourage them to keep working for what they believe in – sports, music or anything.  If you’re determined and dedicated, don’t let anyone tell you no.”

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Brockington: Big Numbers, Big Heart

Picture former Green Bay Packer John Brockington rushing toward you, meeting him head on , and having to take him down. This thought will turn out just as expected…with gold and green powering by, breaking the attempted tackle. With a running style based on his strength, Brockington formed into a power running back- a player who broke tackles and ran over defenders instead of running away from them.

Brockington was a “beast,” which can be seen merely by looking at his big career numbers. He was a 3 time Pro Bowl selection in the years of 1971, 72’, and 73’. All-Pro selection in those same years, and in 1971 he was selected NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

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